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  As time goes on the Safari Sisters also move on and so did Patsi and Joe when they decided to sell at 24 Abelia Road Kloof, (where we spent many happy hours) and relocate to Moyeni Park or "Windy Corner" as we like to call it.

This page is dedicated to Patsi and Joe Schuhmann for all the love and hospitality that I received from them over the years and also for the very nice first visit that Kalie and I spent with them at Windy Corner in October 2004 as their very first stay-over guests. These photos were taken with the idea to share it with Patsi's numerous friends all over the world. Join me for a "cyber visit" with our wonderful friend and her dear husband!.

 The photos will tell the story and with it goes the wish that Windy Corner will be their own special haven of pleasure and  happiness for the future. The "sisters" will for sure still come to visit  to experience that wonderful hospitality in the new environment and we look forward to add on photos to see how Patsi and Joe add more  personal touches to this home that is already beautiful and inviting. Now please follow me for a walk around the "housie" as we lovingly call it!

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Two views of the front stoep and main entrance at Windy Corner. The upstairs balconies belong to the neighbours

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A view from the lower part of the complex from where one can see the sea on a clear day.   A view from the neighbours' side. The arrow indicating Patsi's front patio.


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Left: Patsi walking towards the back door/patio and (right) Kalie peeping around the corner from the back towards the way from where Patsi is walking...


wcflowerpots.jpg (154656 bytes) Flower pots with  lovely gazanias and other plants - the view towards the kitchen patio. wcflowerpots2.jpg (167438 bytes)


wckitchendoor.jpg (272775 bytes) Left: Arrow showing the kitchen door and next to it the door to the dining room.

Right: A closer view of the steps leading to the upstairs store room and neighbour's entrance.

wcstairs.jpg (127802 bytes)


wcwiapatio.jpg (131373 bytes) Moi on the "liegestuhle" with all the home comforts!! What a lovely place to be at!! Behind me is the door to the garage and the dining room window and to the left (not showing on the picture) is the store room under the stairs where Joe is standing at.

I can assure you that this is a wonderful place to be and with such hospitable hosts one can stay here forever!

wcjoestore.jpg (97988 bytes)


wcjoegarage1.jpg (149357 bytes) Joe in his new "workshop haven" in the garage. wcjoegarage2.jpg (191190 bytes)
Since you have been around the house with me now I will invite you to join me at the front door for a grand tour through the inside of the "housie". So let's walk back around the house to the front door...

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Above is a panorama view of the lounge as you see it from the front entrance. Click on the photo to see a larger version and enlarge and scroll with the bottom scroll bar for the best view! On the right hand side is the dining area and to the left you can see the sliding door that leads to the passage.
wclounge2.jpg (108491 bytes) Two more pics of the lounge as seen from the front door. Through the sliding door (left of the photo) you can see the entrance to the kitchen from the passage. wclounge3.jpg (127922 bytes)

Patsi really succeeded in making a bold statement with this lovely arrangement that immediately catches the eye as you walk in at the front door...

wclounge4.jpg (574759 bytes)

Now as  you stand in front of this arrangement turn around and look back towards the front door for the next view!
wclounge5.jpg (167654 bytes) Through the front window you can see the stoepie. Against the opposite wall is the other couch and the TV stand. I slipped up on taking a photo of that part of the lounge...This photo was taken by Ton when they moved here! wclounge6.jpg (97623 bytes)
OK next we walk through the sliding door and stop to orientate ourselves to the layout of the rest of the house as viewed from the entrance to the passage...
wcpassage1.jpg (90149 bytes)

First the photo on the left...


A = Entrance to main bedroom

B= Entrance to guest bedroom


Photo on the right:

A = Entrance to study/computer room

B = Short passage to guest bath room

C = Entrance to kitchen with folding door


wcpassage2.jpg (108546 bytes)


wcpassage4.jpg (109124 bytes) Left a view from the passage towards the lounge and on the right Patsi's selection of "long thin thingies" in the passage LOL!! I believe the Howick panorama is now in place in the empty spot in the middle! So Patsi will have to provide a photo for that addition! wcpassage3.jpg (105968 bytes)


wckitchen3.jpg (85646 bytes) wckitchen1.jpg (105569 bytes) wckitchen2.jpg (104570 bytes)
Different views of the kitchen: Left looking from the passage to the back door; middle the window that overlooks the back patio and on the right a look from the back door towards the passage.  The big white blob  on the right is the dish cloths obscuring part of the view :-( and she prevented me from doing the dishes before I took the photo :-) 


wcguestbed1.jpg (98949 bytes) The famous "blue" guest bedroom with the salmon duvets that I think is lovely but Patsi says they "shout" at her LOL!! So here's for you to decide whom you agree with  Hehehe! wcguestbed2.jpg (127906 bytes)
Just across the passage is the guest bathroom and toilet (if you need a "piepie pouse")...


wcguestbath2.jpg (94918 bytes)

A short passage leads to the guest toilet and bathroom as seen here. (The shower is behind the bathroom door)

wcguestbath1.jpg (88107 bytes)


The main bedroom and en suite bathroom as well as the study cum computer haven is at the end of the passage. Let's go and have a look!!


wcmainbedr1.jpg (121272 bytes) wcmainbath1.jpg (98025 bytes) wcmainbath2.jpg (87066 bytes)
Doors to en suite bathroom and passage with a  closer look at the main bathroom...


wcmainbedr2.jpg (109183 bytes) wcjoedesk.jpg (113823 bytes) wcmainbedr3.jpg (110270 bytes)

A lovely corner for Joe's desk in the main bedroom and Patsi at her dressing table


...and now...last but not least... on to the place from where she chats with all her cyber friends and "sisters" - definitely one of the most important rooms in the housie!


wcstudy1.jpg (135310 bytes) The study/computer room where we always spend happy times as well! My laptop computer at the ready to download photos... wcstudy2.jpg (129105 bytes)


Windy corner also has quite a selection of animals that come to visit and this album will be incomplete without at least one photo  of the now famous monkey mother to conclude this part of the Windy Corner visit... and then a Hadida also visited...


wcmonkey1.jpg (273495 bytes)

wcmonkey2.jpg (378580 bytes)


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