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  We are a cyber family of six sisters. One of our siblings - our beloved Rose - celebrated her 80th birthday on July, 3, 2004! What a happy occasion this was... This page is a tribute to our sister Rose and a small way of thanking her for the joy and smiles that she brings into our lives... So I will make this a "golden" page for her and for us to remember the good times...

This past year was also a very special one for Rose - so I will first introduce you to her precious daughter and grandson as well since Joshua Ben also celebrated his first birthday and was very much part and parcel of the July celebrations in Brooklyn New York


Rose-80-baby-jb.jpg (127376 bytes)

This was our first glimpse of Joshua Ben shortly after his birth in June 2003...
but...time does not stand still and the next we knew was that he had grown into a little traveler himself...with mother Sharon...

rose-80sh-jb-framed.jpg (212116 bytes)

rose-80sharon-josh-framed.jpg (408728 bytes) and this is what the little man had grown into when he came to celebrate his birthday in style at grandma Rose's in New York City...
Before we continue with the birthday celebrations - let's first re-cap a little of what makes Rose such a special sister  and allow me to tell you some of what we came to love about her... 

rosefrsalad.jpg (51651 bytes)

She simply LOVES her ice cream and fruit salad and therefore we brought her some for the party...  
Do you remember getting her on this vehicle no less than about five times? LOL!!


rosegamedrive-framed.jpg (82432 bytes)

 horserose3.jpg (18478 bytes)

You will however well remember how good she was at Shongweni! The only one to actually waved the Basotho hat in triumph after getting on (and off) that horse!! What a woman this beloved sister is!!  
  So next we decided to give her a cyber birthday party and all the sisters could come at whatever age they preferred and dressed up as they preferred as well... Patsi brought the bubbly, Donna had some more ice cream and I cannot even remember what everyone else brought but the tables were loaded and the corks started popping!   

rose-80-biker.jpg (224522 bytes)

rose-80-wia-.jpg (61984 bytes)
Wia arrived on a friend's motor cycle but after she got rid of the black suit she revealed   a golden coloured pants suit which she later on changed for hot pants and since she went back in cyber time to the stage where she could still show off her figure...

rose-80-donna-.jpg (115407 bytes)

rose-80-sexy-donna.jpg (33471 bytes)

Next to arrive was Donna - the newspaper described her very smart party outfit as..

WOW!!.. A psychedelic scene of blue, green and violet paisley lifts Mrs. Donna Penman of Norristown to higher heights. The long dress features straight lines with wide  bell sleeves, front slit and green ostrich feather boa ...but the newspaper clip can never tell all about our Donna...

But then she came in from the pool for the party since it was HOT in Norristown... WOW what a stunner this sexy sister was!

Next to arrive was our Patsi...after a swim and ride on Major:

.... he's the 'show pony', believe it or not - all bedraggled from his swim in the sea and his roll in the sand. Patsi and her folks  used to come down to Kloof every July holidays for a while, and ride to Durban (a back way) for the shows and stable at King's Park (now a big sports stadium) for the duration. You could swim your horses at Country Club beach in those days, and gallop bareback along the sands. Starlight, love of my life, was not a show pony, and stayed home.

rose-80-patsi-major.jpg (33090 bytes)

OH well she did the gum boot dance too...but this time wearing her sexy black nighty in spite of the cold winter weather...

and she said:

And now the day is finally here and you are, in fact, an octogenarian, and,

yes, it is mighty impressive, and so are YOU, my dear Roselilly.

Have the happiest of birthdays, relaxing and reminiscing. Time for YOU.

Hugs to last you,



patsi-dans.jpg (27061 bytes)


Brooklyn Rose


A rare flower, indeed,

Is our Brooklyn Rose.

For she brings smiles

Wherever she goes.


Off to see Africa

Boldly she flew.

(Though there were others

In that particular crew.)


Proud and independent

She takes care of herself.

Putting worries and cares

Way back on the shelf.


A smile lights her face

With Joshua Ben,

She can't wait until she

Will see him again.


Now she turns eighty,

Just what does that mean?

Think of all she has done,

Imagine all she has seen!


A heartfelt greeting

Is sent from me to you.

May all your birthday

Wishes come true!  :-)


Gladys Russell


Patsi said: 

Rose, you popped along in 1924, the year our house was built. You are twins! So here is the house of many memories where we spent many happy hours ...  Rose's S.A. twin

Our Jo spent the whole morning baking and cooking for the party...but she informed us beforehand what she will be wearing and that she was ready to do the Gypsey Warning.... ...


I've been racking my brain trying to come up with appropriate attire for the celebration of your natal day.  Such an auspicious occasion demands something a little more spectacular than anything that I have in my closet.

But I think, since this is cyber, I will wear my favorite formal from high school. Because I was a singer, I had to have several, and in those days, they were the fluffy net covered  pastel gowns popular during that era.

Not this dress, though!  It had a black & white striped taffeta skirt,  a black high neck fitted top, and NO BACK!  I loved wearing it to dances because the guys never knew exactly where to put their hands!

She did however have time to pick these Camelias for Rose from her garden...All that before she dressed up to do the Gypsey Warning as a party special...

rose-80-cammelias.jpg (181277 bytes)

rose-80-jo-gypsey.jpg (37981 bytes)


Malisa flew from Texas in for the occasion  (possibly just to have another chance to flirt with the pilots and put on her big girl looks although she is  a mere teenager still)...that's why she arrived with that ever so familiar naughty look ... and drooling for the feast... 


rose-80-malisa-cockpit.jpg (221455 bytes)


rose-80-malisa-twa.jpg (211379 bytes)

Then she had to go back  somewhat in time to do her undie show...

Her message is:...


To our Wild Woman Rose... a toast!!!


She's a one drink girl...

Two at the most!

Three she's under the table.

And I've heard with four she's under the host!!!!


Lucky her!!!   Happy Birthday Rose... and many more wild ones to come!


Your Can-nible Sister Malisa

rose-80-malisa.jpg (227243 bytes)

After doing the undie show she dressed up ...

She wrote:...

I get to bring the the fruit salad... with Mangos of course!   And I'll be
wearing my fantasy dress... velvet, but dark green ala 1890's with the
head band with the ostrich feather.     I'll forego the gloves though ..
I'm not like Rose, I want my hands free for being a can-nible!

jo-sunrise.JPG (239579 bytes)

Rose may the many days to come still dawn like this one did on that beautiful morning at Pilanesberg last year...and may the memories linger on forever...

Well since cyber parties last forever it is time for me to say good bye and look forward to the next one...Thanks sisters for making this possible and once more to ROSE:

Enjoy your birthday YEAR!! and may it be filled with love and caring and (much improved)  good health!!

Tons of love!!



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