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The next stop on our safari was the KwaZulu Natal South Coast. This coast with its white beaches is the holiday playground of many South Africans but was rather quiet at the time of our "out of season" visit. 


Oribi Gorge

We followed the South Coast National Highway from Kloof past Durban to bring us to the South Coast and Post Shepstone. We drove to the beach front in search of a restaurant but not knowing exactly where to go we ended up at a closed restaurant but the friendly waiter opened up for us to serve us drinks. We had fun ordering these since the menu variety was limited with most of items on the menu not available either. So we literally taught the waiter what soda floats were and eventually received something to quench our thirst.

Our next  stop on the South Coast was the Oribi Gorge. This spectacular canyon carries the waters of the Mzimkulwana river to the Indian Ocean and is nearly 400 metres deep in some places. (Mzimkulu means "great home of all rivers" and Mzimkulwana means "little Mzimkulu".)  The vegetation is lush and includes no less than  35 species of orchid. The rugged terrain is home to 270 and 40 mammal species and it is believed that leopards, though seldom seen, are still present in the gorge. Wild flowers, crystal streams, cascades, strikingly sculpted rock formations and lovely indigenous trees provide the magnificent vistas to make a drive down the winding road into the gorge and climbing out on the northern side an unforgettable experience. 

We followed the road to Harding from Port Shepstone  to first go down the gorge before ascending to the Oribi Flats on the Northern rim of the gorge. The Oribi Hotel is situated on the northern rim of the gorge and for a small fee one can drive to various look-out points. The Oribi gorge boasts to have the highest abseiling site in the world and is a haven for hikers and youngsters looking for adventure. We had a delightful lunch at the hotel before we proceeded to the look-outpoints.

Port Shepstone beach

Beach restaurant Port Shepstone

Port Shepstone beach

Top: Port Shepstone seascapes and the beach front restaurant

Lunch at Oribi Gorge hotel

Lunch at the Oribi Gorge Hotel

Oribi Gorge hotel

Umzimkulwana river, Oribi Gorge

Left Umzimkulwana river at the bottom of the Oribi Gorge

Right: View towards the south rim of the Oribi Gorge

The southern rim of the Oribi Gorge




Overhanging rock and Horseshoe Bend, Oribi Gorge

Left: Horseshoe bend Oribi Gorge

Right : Camel Rock Oribi Gorge

Camel Rock Oriibi Gorge

Baboon Castle Oribi Gorge

Lehr Falls, Oribi Gorge

Baboon Castle and Lehr Falls, Oribi Gorge

Baboon Castle Oribi Gorge

Ramsgate, KwaZulu Natal

After enjoying the beautiful views at the Oribi Gorge we went on to Ramsgate where we had the beautiful flat of my friends Eddie and Cathy Struwe at our disposal for the next two days.

Ramsgate beach, KwaZulu Natal South Coast

Our visit to Ramsgate included lovely walks on the beach and a swim in the tidal pool in the late afternoon

Ramsgate, KwaZulu Natal

Safari girls in the flat at Ramsgate Palms

We spend a lovely time relaxing at the flat

relaxing at Ramsgate Palms - apartment of Cathy and Eddie Struwe


The Dolphin trip boat

Left; We braved the waves  on a  boat trip looking for  dolphins but saw none...

Jo's early birthday celebration at the Bistro restaurant provided great fun to all.

Jo's birthday candle!

Our last morning at Ramsgate found me on the beach before sunrise. I drank in the beauty of the early morning as I watched the fishermen on the rocks putting on their bait and casting out their lines...My photos captured the tranquility that made getting out of bed early a worth while experience...

Ramsgate sunrise # 1

Ramsgate sunrise

Ramsgate sunrise #2 a little later

Ramsgate shortly after sunrise

Ramsgate bathed in early morning sunlight

Breakers at Ramsgate

Sea and sun at Ramsgate

After spending two days on the South Coast we went back to Kloof  but first stopped at the flea market in Durban where our visitors had another opportunity to barter with the vendors and do some more shopping.

Durban Flea Market

The hustle and bustle of the Durban Sunday Flea Market

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