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The Sun City Lost City complex offers almost every conceivable form of entertainment, gambling, sport and recreation.  Apart from the casinos and the glitter of the hotels there are superb restaurants, the Superbowl where shows of outstanding shows are presented and sparkling pools and magnificent gardens. I was not as much interested in the glitter and glamour of the hotels and casinos but enjoyed the little time we had to wander along the beautifully laid out paths in the tropical gardens and rain  forests. It is almost unbelievable that all this is man-made! The photos on this page shows some of the  gardens with the life-size sculptures that contribute to the magical character of the  Lost City.

The Bridge of Time lies between the Sun City and Lost City complexes. Every hour on the hour the earth starts rumbling and spouting out smoke from the bridge as the mock earth quake endures for several minutes. A fun experience which was somewhat of a surprise to our guests.

Left the "Bridge of Time" that links Sun City to the Lost City

Right: The Lost City hotel

Far left: The Kong Gates

Left: "The Royal Staircase"

Right : Earthquake on the bridge

The "Amphitheatre"

Amphitheatre of the Lost City

Giant sculptures above the "Temple of Creation"

Patsi and Rose with the Kong gates in the background

Left: The "Adventure Fountain"

Waterfalls and lakes surrounded by tropical forests



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