Pretoria and Hartebeespoort Dam

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Our friends did not see much of the Jacaranda City apart from a few stops on our way to Hartebeespoort Dam and Pilanesberg. We did some food shopping and stopped briefly at the Union Buildings and Kruger House before setting off to Pilanesberg and Sun City. After a yummy  lunch  at the Pancake Inn at Harteespoort Dam we decided to visit the craft shop later and pressed on to Pilanesberg where we were booked in for the next few days.

The next few photos gives a brief overview of the cityscapes of Pretoria.


Downtown Pretoria

Left: A view towards the Pretoria city centre from the Voortrekker Monument

Right: a view towards downtown Pretoria from Arcadia


Arcadia, Pretoria

The Union Buildings

Left: The Union Buildings against the backdrop of Meintjieskop

The Kruger House in Church Street


Kruger House Museum

View from the Union Buildings

Left: A view towards Church street from the Union Buldings

Right: The Hartebeespoort Dam


Hartebeespoort Dam

Hartebeespoort Craft Market

Hartebeespoort Craf Market

Left: A large selection of local and African crafts

Right: Donna and Jo seriously considering the purchasing options

Donna, Jo and Patsi at craft market

Wood carvings from Zimbabwe

Left: Wood carvings - mostly from Zimbabwe

Right: Zimbabwe stone craft

Below:More stone craft from Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe stone crafts

Zimbabwe stone craft

Lunch at the Pancake Inn

Jo, Rose, Patsi and Donna at the Pancake Inn

At the time we did not realise that pancakes would almost become a standard feature of our safari menus.

Left and Right : Awaiting the pleasure!

All of us at the Pancake Inn

Pancakes arriving

Yummy indeed! Donna's salad and Patsi's ham and tomato pancake

Jo's pear and fig pancake and my chicken liver pancake

Bottom: How we loved seeing Rose enjoying her fruit salad and ice cream!  Donna kept a cool head selecting salads and low energy  foods all the time but I must say she loved the South African beer!!! Rose with her yummy fruit salad and ice cream

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