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Arrival in Pretoria

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Patsi arriving at Wia's home

Patsi was the first to arrive in Pretoria on the day before the arrival of our guests to join us on the first leg of our safari in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. From the moment of her arrival the excitement built up for meeting our friends on  the 22nd of February, 2003 at Johannesburg International Airport.

Patsi arriving

Those first real hugs

Peter and Doreen Thomas, our friends from Alberton, joined us at the airport to welcome the "Safari Sisters".

Donna Wia and Jo happy to meet at last

Patsi, Rose and Wia

Peter was ready with his camera to take the first pictures of this important event and we could hardly contain our excitement while the passengers started pouring through the entry doors one after the other.

Patsi says:"Is this real?" to Jo

Jo, Donna, Wia, Patsi and Rose at Johannesbur Airport

Then suddenly they were there and Patsi and I rushed forward and engulfed them in hugs with no regard for the onlookers who must have found this burst of emotion somewhat weird.

All of us and our friend Peter Thomas who took the photos

That first "group" photo...

After taking a few more pictures we went to my home in  Pretoria where the cameras kept on flashing for quite some time after our arrival. We exchanged gifts and the kaftans that I made for all of us were put to good use immediately as we relaxed and started talking...

Our guests in their kaftan finery

Patsi and Jo relaxed and happy

Our first supper in my home

Wia and Jo in the garden


After a lot of talking it was time for dinner and then off to bed for them to get rid of the jet lag!


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