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We became acquainted because we could not hear...

We discovered that we had no need to say: "What?" when communicating in cyber space...

We bonded as members of the wonderful "Say What Club"...

The desire grew to meet in real life...and in February and March 2003 we planned a Safari to make this dream come true! 

We travelled more than 5000 km through South Africa, got to know each other, built memories and shared fun, laughter and tears...

After 21 days we had to say goodbye but with the full knowledge that the memories will remain and that our friendship will continue to  grow even though we are geographically far apart. We hope to meet again soon...

This web page is dedicated to  my four hard of hearing friends and also to Peter Thomas my South african "hearing" friend who helped out onmany occasions and eventually became a "Safari Brother"



Jo Gunnerson, Washington , USA

Donna Penman, Pennsylvania, US



Patsi Schuhmann, Kloof South Africa

Rose Genkin, New York City USA


Peter Thomas, Alberton, South Africa 



My heartfelt thanks also goes to my many other fellow South Africans who helped to make our Safari the wonderful experience it was! 



Click on  the friendship buttons to see pictures of our safari and click on the images throughout to see bigger versions of the photos






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